ABOUT-Circle1I’m a wildlife enthusiast with a mind that is as scientific as it is creative. I’ve had a fondness for nature since my childhood, and was fortunate enough to achieve a B.Sc. in Wildlife Biology, graduating in 2010 from McGill University in Quebec. I also have a passion for many of the arts, and my creative side shows in most everything that I do. This led me to pursue a career in the Digital Arts industry, and I have received Diplomas in both Graphic Design & Digital Photographic Imaging from Montreal’s Concordia University.

ABOUT-Circle2On a personal level, I’m a generally cheerful 20-something year old German-Canadian whose hobbies include doodling, writing and photography. I currently live in a perfectly quaint apartment with the love of my life, and one Mr. Guinneas (GUIN-ee-ahs) Gibbs (a Tasmanian devil in a guinea pig’s body, really).

ABOUT-Circle3This journal will follow my artistic adventures, with a touch of everyday exploits. I’m still at the beginning of my quest towards an ideal career, so join me if you please and we can journey together!

Thank you kindly for visiting! :)

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